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Re: [Schan-user] Kein Zugriff auf

To: "Schulen ans Netz - Anwender" <schan-user@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Subject: Re: [Schan-user] Kein Zugriff auf
From: Harry Jede <walk2sun@xxxxxxxx>
Date: Thu, 12 Nov 2015 14:21:50 +0100
Am Donnerstag, 12. November 2015 schrieb Helmut Hullen:
> Hallo, Christian,
> Du meintest am 12.11.15:
> > jetzt läuft es.
> > Hoffentlich auch so wie es soll.
> > Ich habe die Datei Logon.bat mit chmod geändert.
> > Jetzt steht es so, dass die Gruppe "other" auch ausführen kann.
> > (645)
> Seltsam ... "eigentlich" muss diese Datei nur gelesen werden, und
> eigentlich müssen nur Lehrer oder Schüler sie lesen.

       acl allow execute always (S)

           This boolean parameter controls the behaviour of smbd(8) when 
receiving a protocol request of "open for execution" from a
           Windows client. With Samba 3.6 and older, the execution right 
in the ACL was not checked, so a client could execute a file
           even if it did not have execute rights on the file. In Samba 
4.0, this has been fixed, so that by default, i.e. when this
           parameter is set to "False", "open for execution" is now 
denied when execution permissions are not present.

           If this parameter is set to "True", Samba does not check 
execute permissions on "open for execution", thus re-establishing
           the behaviour of Samba 3.6. This can be useful to smoothen 
upgrades from older Samba versions to 4.0 and newer. This setting
           is not meant to be used as a permanent setting, but as a 
temporary relief: It is recommended to fix the permissions in the
           ACLs and reset this parameter to the default after a certain 
transition period.

           Default: acl allow execute always = False


        Harry Jede
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